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“Learning by doing” Le but de l’école s’est de mettre tes compétences en pratique. Je te conseille de choisir les Activités car tu passes l’après-midi à l’extérieur et tu découvriras des endroits magnifiques en t’amusant. Ton anglais s’améliorera naturellement simplement en faisant d’autres choses et en parlant. Mais ce que j’aime le plus à COLC c’est que tu te sens toujours à la maison même si c’est différent de ton pays. Ici j’ai appris qu’il n’y a pas que de la violence dans le monde. Il y a de l’amour, de l’amitié, du respect et de la joie d’où que tu viennes. Une de mes meilleures amie à l’école était thaïlandaise!
— Alicia Lose (Suisse)
Waouw! Que dire d’autre quand on reste bouche bée? Aller à COLC avant de commencer la vie active était probablement le meilleur choix entre tous! Améliorer mon anglais dans une école exceptionnelle, apprendre avec des professeurs extraordinaires, rencontrer des gens incroyables, vivre avec une famille fantastique, et tout cela dans un cadre des plus enchanteurs. Combo total de satisfaction!
Merci COLC!
— Angélique Bise (Suisse)
COLC is not only a school, it is a family, I know hard to believe first, but true! I will never forget the time I have spent and the people that I have met there. I really recommend this school! This is one of the best place in the world!
— Estelle Ryser (Switzerland)
I loved the school especially because of the family atmosphere. At every morning and lunch break, or after class sitting in the beautiful sun on the veranda with other students talking, singing and sharing the great experiences of the day, or playing volleyball.
The great open nights were also unforgettable with delicious food and interesting conversations. Great games at the school and lots of fun in the local Pub.
— Cristina Winzap (Switzerland)
Mon expérience à COLC est jute exceptionnel.... Je me suis sentie de suite à mon aise, soutenue et intégrée. Les cours sont très bien fait et orignal avec des méthodes qui montre qu’on peut travailler en s’amusant.
Les différents programmes proposer sont très bien et on peut changer notre planning facilement. J’ai juste vécu une très belle expérience. on ne veut plus repartir.... on veut juste rester.... dans l’école qui devient une nouvelle famille.
Je me suis vraiment amusée et fait de très belle rencontre et Mon niveau d’anglais c’est amélioré....
Je n’oublierai jamais cette école avec toutes les personnes qui font qu’on se sent comme à la maison.
— Angélique Belon (France)
Quand je suis arrivée à COLC j’ai pense qu’étudier icic pendant 6 mois serait très long, mais ce n’est as vrai! C’est passé tellement vite et je n’ai pas eu assez de temps pour faire tout ce que je voulais faire. COLC n’est pas seulement une école de langue anglaise, on s’y sent comme à la maison. C’est peut-être une toute petite école dans une petite ville mais tu ne peux pas t’imaginer combien tu peux t’amuse,créer de magnifiques et inoubliables souvenirs et améliorer ton anglais. C’était la première fois que je partais à l’étranger et je n’ai jamais, au grand jamais, regretté avoir choisi COLC.
— Jill (Thailand)
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J’ai choisi COLC car je voulais just améliorer mon anglais. Mais j’ai appris tellement plus! J’ai beaucoup appris à propos des autres cultures, j’ai appris qu’il peut être très facile d’apprendre à connaitre d’autre personnes, j’ai découvert à quel point un pays peut être unique et merveileux pour profiter de la vie d’une façon que je n’oublierai jamais. Toutes ces choses font de COLC un endroit tellement unique, c’est un endroit où tu peux améliorer ton anglais et te retrouver.
— Jana Grüner (Germany)
If there is one thing you should do to have the time of your life, you should go to COLC in Whitianga. From the beginning you will feel that you are part of a big international family and everyone is so friendly and nice to you which makes you feel comfortable the whole time. The teachers are awesome, you learn a lot from them. So people out there: Go to COLC and become a part of this lovely family.
— Marilena Pirhofer (Italy)
I recommend you go to COLC in Whitianga. It is one of the best parts in my life and it is like dream. I stayed in COLC in Whitianga for 1 year, and I felt that school is like big family. Kim and Robyn were our parents, and the students were brothers and sisters. People in Whitianga are very kind and friendly so I could enjoy every day. If you are worried about going to Whitianga don’t worry!! Teachers , students, and a lot of people will help you. 

— Takumi Kodiara (Japan)
COLC is the best way to learn English, and also to meet people from everywhere, in a friendly family atmosphere. The environment is just amazing, the activities are great. You don’t just learn English but also about life! It’s just a great experience.
— Alice Mazo (France)
My name’s Wipach Ampornklinkeaw. I’m from Thailand and now I’m 40 years old. I have studied English in Thailand in high school, but that is a long time ago. When you’ve learned a language, but never used it, it will be gone. I desired to study at COLC because my friend recommeded to study here and the whole school didn’t disappointed me. My English has improved a lot with the help from my teachers and my foreign classmates. I’ll strongly recommend to study English at COLC to my friends and especially my daughter when she has grown up.
— Wipach Ampornklinkeaw (Thailand)
The school is friendly. It is in a beautiful part of New Zealand. Everybody at COLC is happy to help you, and you speak only English at school. The lessons are very funny, not boring.
— Julie Rocka (Tahiti)
As I arrived in Whitianga, the first impression was, how beautiful and calm it was . It was green everwhere.... But an important point, is that most of the people are really friendly.
— Giovanni Cipriano (Italy)
I have had a very nice time at COLC. Whitianga and the Coromandel Peninsula are beautiful places. I have had a lot of new experiences, like surfing, fishing and scuba diving, and yes, of course I could improve my English too.
— Jordi Fraigedo (Switzerland)
At first when I visited COLC I thought it was a traditional school, but soon these thoughts changed. At COLC you study and live an experience you will never forget. Teachers and staff make you a friend and you become one of the big family of the school. I speak from personal experience as I have become a dear friend to people from 10 different countries, separated by thousands of miles. I have had the experience of my life.
— Fahad Alsahli (Saudi Arabia)
I went to COLC in 2005 and it was wonderful, in 2006 my mother went there, and in 2014 I went there again with my boyfriend! I always wanted to go back to COLC and this year I could do it! It was an unique experience! I will always recommend this school because it is really special. It’s like a big family. The lessons are interesting and funny and the most beautiful thing is the activities during the afternoons. You can have a lot of different experiences!
— Irene Parma (Italy)
The time I had in New Zealand, specially the time I spent in Whitianga was just amazing. A big reason why, is a school named COLC and all people I met there. We were one big family and I have this feeling still right now back in my country.
COLC is not a usual language school. You can do heaps (NZ slang for many) of activities and you will learn a lot about the great Kiwi-lifestyle. And last but not least, you’ll learn a lot of English in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.
— Andy Infanger (Switzerland)



What a good experience going to school was. Before I hadn´t known that you can learn and have fun at the same time. Next to this it was the whole atmosphere in this school which caught me. It felt like being part of a big family in which everybody is honestly interested in the well-being of the others. I just can say thanks and I would always come back!
— Anja Putsch (Austria)
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I stayed for 11 months and I had great memories as well as painful memories. Being shy I couldn’t understand anything at first but teachers and staff were very kind and really friendly so I could slowly improve my English. I made lots of friends from all over the world through Thursday’s Open Night. I can say the memories that I made at COLC are the happiest in my life and it still makes me happy to this day.
— Meguha Suzuki (Japan)
The time at COLC was just great! Even when you don’t like to learn and study, this school offers a perfect way, which is: learning by doing! I met people around the world and made some very good friends. Often I think back to this time: all these nice beaches around Whitianga, the atmosphere at school, the adventurous activities... I just recommend this school to everyone and wish you an exciting time in this beautiful country!
— Joëlle Flückiger (Switzerland)
I was a complete beginner at first and all I was doing was smiling. Teachers, friends and my host mother were all very friendly and helpful so I could keep trying in a supportive environment. Getting out of the classroom to the beaches and cafes and weekend activities are great ways to learn English as well as making lots of friends for life. I can say this school is my family and I am proud that I had an opportunity to change my view of the world and grow as a person.
— Tomomi Inoue (Japan)
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