Volunteers planting our plants at Cook’s Beach

Volunteers planting our plants at Cook’s Beach


Restoring our sand dunes is essential…

Coastal erosion has been a problem for Whitianga, and other east coast beaches for a long time, stealing a little bit of beach every year, and often causing major damage each time there is a storm. With rising sea levels meaning even more erosion, growing sand dune plants has become a big part of COLC’s operations.

Because the plants we grow capture, and help hold the sand in place, the dunes are able to restore themselves over time once the plants are established.

Over the years many alternatives have been tried by the Council to protect the shore from erosion, including rock walls and geotextile bags. Eventually they came to the conclusion that the best results come from the softer option of restoring the dunes with NZ native plants and using their natural protection against the storms even if it takes longer.

We now work hand in hand with the local council to restore our local sand dunes, providing them with good plants that we have grown from eco-sourced local seed.

COLC’s plants are now used on many of the dunes around the wider Mercury Bay area and we regularly supply a group of keen volunteers that has been restoring Cook’s Beach dunes for many years.

Manaaki Whenua,
Manaaki Tangata,
Haere whakamua.

Care for the land,
Care for the people,
Go forward
— Whakataukī (Māori Proverb)

Working together on the Taputapuatia Spit Restoration Project

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