Water quality affects everyone…

The very first plants we grew were destined to be planted along a river. We hoped to improve the water quality of some streams around the area. Most river banks that need restoration are usually muddy and unstable, covered in grass and weeds.

How can it be fixed? Native plants are the solution. They hold the banks with their roots, filter the water, retain the sediments. They create new and clean habitats, bringing fish and birds back around the stream.

A few years ago we started a friendly partnership with Phil from Kuaotunu. He had asked us if we could team up to restore the stream that is flowing across his land. With the help of some locals and a lot of international students we managed do replant most of the banks over the years. The water is already looking better and the first plants we put in the ground are now creating shade that makes weeds receded.

Life is like water, if you block one side, it takes another turn to continue its journey.
— Unknown