Okay, so I have been on holiday in Rarotonga. But what better way to recharge the batteries and to think about what has happened in the last few months, and what lies ahead.

And what a lot there was to think about. The closure of the school left us somewhat deflated for a while, but now we have put that chapter behind us and we are ready to concentrate on the Coromandel Outdoor Learning Centre and the new opportunities that brings. While we wont teach English any more, I can now focus on my passion for the environment, and as an organisation we can share what we are learning and what we are doing with you.

I feel a little bit like my right hand has been cut off because Alicia, my helper in everything COLC does, is away doing some training in the South Island. I have been left with very strict instructions to work on this blog and keep the information coming.

So the news is good. The first two students to come to the new COLC will be here in a couple of weeks and will each get to spend time helping with the Environment Projects, and also seeing and doing some of those special places and things that used to make up our activity programmes. We have plenty to do in the nursery, and some big challenges ahead. I’ll keep you posted with some photos once they are here.