July 2019 marked the end of an era in the Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre’s history. Because of a series of unfortunate events such as the loss of the lease of the school building, the current owners of the Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre (Kim and Robyn) made the difficult decision to stop operating.

It was impossible to take bookings going forward because we didn’t know if we were going to have a building for the school. It just wasn’t fair for the students.
— Kim Lawry, director

Language schools being a difficult market this was the only logical decision as the school simply couldn’t operate without its building. Kim and Robyn tried hard to find another building, in town first, and then even considered other places on the peninsula but none of them suited the needs of the school. Building a new building wasn’t a viable option because the school just didn’t have the funds. The building hasn’t yet been sold but the school isn’t likely to return to its original address.

We tried everything but in the end we had to make the tough decision to close the language school. It is a shame but who knows what lies ahead.
— Kim Lawry, director