Jun Ho Kim

Jun Ho Kim

Jun is a young Korean guy who recently spent more than six months at COLC.  He came as a quiet and shy young man with only a little English, but he really grew in confidence while he was here.  As his English improved his willingness to talk to other students and mix with other cultures also improved and he grew into a much happier and confident person.  Often when students have a longer stay with us, the greatest change we see is the growth in the person, and in Jun's case this was so pleasing for everybody.

This is what he told me about COLC and about his life back in Korea now.  

"I had a lot of conversations with other students in COLC. That is one of the reasons why I have improved my English so fast, and then I had global friends, and I was able to share my country's culture with teachers and students."

"And I can say that I have become outgoing. Frankly speaking, I don't go home very often. That is the best change because I was very quiet before I went to NZ"

Jun is a great example of a young person who has taken on a huge challenge and used it to improve his life and his job prospects.  Learning English in New Zealand was a great choice for him.