Surfing has been popular this year.

As my trip to Europe for this year’s IALC Workshop gets closer, there are a couple of things on my mind.  Firstly I am really looking forward to catching up with the large number of past students that I am going to see on this trip.  This is what the Big COLC Family is all about and it never ceases to amaze me that so many people are prepared to make the effort to get along to the reunions just to say hello.

When you get a room full of COLC people, most of whom don’t even know each other, it really is amazing to see the friendship created just by sharing stories about their time in Whitianga.


The other thing on my mind is to look back at what has been a very busy summer period.  We have been full or nearly full for 5 months, and that means a lot of work and a certain amount of stress for everyone.  I think there are a few people looking forward to a couple of quieter months.

Activities continue to be popular but we are seeing a change to our activities bookings.  More and more people are choosing the English plus 3 option and less seem to be booking full time activities.  Added to this is a big change in Health and Safety laws in New Zealand, and this is putting a lot of pressure on activities and the way we have offered them in the past.


So a big rethink is underway and you can expect a remodelled “Activities Package” to be in place for 2017.  We hope to reduce the price of the mainstream activities program that students can book, and then have an “add on” system for Fridays and Saturdays where students can join the more expensive activities if they want to.


Watch this space for more information as it comes to hand.