As you might know, COLC is a sponsor of the local Project Kiwi Trust. In return for our donations and dedicated work with Project Kiwi, we are able to sponsor one chick a year through Project Nest Egg. This means an egg from our area is taken to Rotorua where the chick is hatched and raised until it is strong enough to defend itself. Then when the bird comes home, we can be involved with the release of those birds into the wild. 

About a year ago, we released our first Kiwi bird called Colcy, it was a great success and unique experience for us and the students which were involved in. Last Sunday we were able to release our second Kiwi bird named Zara. It was a real treat to see how Zara left her transport box and took off into the Whangapoua forest after several minutes of exploring her new surroundings.