You left COLC at the end of February 2015 to go overseas. Where did you go and what were your ambitions while you were away?

·      I went to China and to India. My ambitions were as ever, to see new places and experience a different kind of life.

While you were overseas, you must have had lots of new experiences. What is one thing that you learnt from these experiences?

·      I learned that it is perfectly possible to live without plastic bags. They are banned in India and I’ve been trying to live without them here since I got back.


Being away from home for such a long time, what did you miss most about New Zealand during your time overseas?

·      My Mice

We have two questions for you from our COLC students. What is your favourite object in nature?

·      That’s a hard one……..the universe.

And, How much chocolate do you eat every day?

·      Not enough