Maria Brausch, this is her piece of writing.

Maria Brausch, this is her piece of writing.

Yesterday I went with Kim and 9 other students from the Language School, to a farm in Kuaotunu to plant trees for the Environment Project.   

First Kim drove us in a school van to Kuaotunu. It took about 20 minutes. We had already put some big, blue borrowed overalls, and muddy borrowed gumboots on, so we were ready to put the trees on the trailer when we arrived.  The trailer was pulled by a mud splattered quadbike.  The farmer, Phil, drove the quadbike, and because Katie and I hadn't put on gumboots he took us with him.  The others had to walk to the place where the trees were going to get planted.  It was good fun to go by quadbike, but when we had to go across a stream the quadbike got stuck in the mud.  Katie and I had to push the quadbike out of the mud and our shoes got very dirty.

Then we arrived at the place where the trees were getting planted.  It was next to a stream so it was muddy there.  Kim showed us how to put holes in the ground with the spade, and how to plant the small New Zealand native trees.  While planting the trees I saw many fat wriggly worms.

It took us about 40 minutes to plant the 150.  We were very fast.

After that Phil showed us the farm.  He explained how the full-fleeced sheep get shorn and how he weighs them in the old woolshed.

All in all I think it was a very interesting and funny morning.