Thank You Caroline and Tom.

 Caroline Bless and Tom Theiler

Caroline Bless and Tom Theiler

A couple of years ago when I was traveling in Switzerland I had a chance meeting with Caroline on a train. She helped me find my destination, and we have kept in touch since then. Recently Caroline and her boyfriend Tom, visited us here in Whitianga, and while they were here, I took them out to service our "Trapline" as part of our kiwi protection work.

They were really impressed with what they saw and the effort that was going into this project, and before they left they said they wanted to make a donation towards the project.  We agreed that they could supply one new trap for the trapline.  Now this is not any ordinary trap, it is the very latest Goodnature A12 automatic resetting possum trap. Thank you Caroline and Tom.

We would really like to have some more of these modern traps in the area that we are looking after. Possums do a huge amount of damage to the NZ native bush and are contributing to the decline of all our native birds. 

If you, like Caroline and Tom, would like to donate a trap to this project, we would like to hear from you.  The traps are $NZ150, and COLC will manage and maintain them once they are installed.